Top Marks for Bolton Uni Students

A group of marketing students from Bolton University have used their creative talents to help fight the scourge of loan sharks.  Working with the Illegal Money Lending Team the students have designed posters and brilliant straplines to grab people’s attention and let them know how they can access specialist help from the team.  Loan sharks affect everyone within the community; with this in mind the students have levered their artwork to reach and engage wide audiences so that anyone who is in the grasp of a loan shark knows they are not alone and help is available.  The student’s work is being proudly showcased at the Bolton Summer University Show and will be used across England helping the Illegal Money Lending Team protect communities and reach more victims of this horrible crime.

Loan sharks may offer what appears to be a quick-fix loan but in the long term, any money borrowed will come at a very high price and may lead to violence, threats, and intimidation.

One of the students involved said,

“Throughout my three years studying graphic design at the University of Bolton, I worked on a handful of exciting ‘live briefs’ where I had the opportunity to collaborate with real clients.

Working with the Illegal Money Lending team was particularly enjoyable for me personally, as it allowed me to utilize the photography studios and create fantastic tactile design solutions for the brief.

However, the most important aspect of these types of briefs is their inherent FUN FACTOR!”

Tony Quigley, Head of the England Illegal Money Lending Team added: “Loan sharks are criminals who prey on vulnerable people and are a blight on our communities. They fleece their victims and have been known to use intimidation and violence to get their money.

“This is a fantastic project which will reach all communities and help people understand the dangers of using loan sharks and encourage more reporting of illegal money lending activity.

“I would urge anyone who desperately needs financial help to not turn to a loan shark but instead to talk to a Credit Union or Community Development Financial Institution. Anyone affected by loan sharks can access confidential support on our 24-Hour Helpline or Live Chat service.”