Payroll deduction

Working with our partner credit unions across England the IMLT has identified that most credit unions are looking to expand their payroll deduction offering with local employers. This scheme has many positives to both the credit unions and the people it will support. Enabling more people to access simple savings and ethical loans is something the IMLT is committed to supporting.

The material below has been produced by a professional marketing company and funded solely by the IMLT. Through our partnerships we have identified that credit unions are all at different stages in their business in terms of resource and capacity to design and market themselves in a business to business way.

With that in mind, all the material below is print ready. It simply needs the credit union logo adding to it and it can be sent to print (or kept digitally). We also want to offer it to credit unions who wish to take some of the concepts but make them their own. Finally, to the larger credit unions, who may simply use the documents as a guide to steer their own material.

External Marketing Materials

In-House Guides

  • Tone of Voice Guide a brief document on how to approach marketing and a recommended tone of voice to use
  • Step by Step Guide A deeper look at how to present the employee benefit to employers


Contact us

If you would like to work with us to set up a payroll savings scheme in your workplace for employees to use, please get in touch with us at partner@stoploansharks.gov.uk and we’d be happy to help!

If you’re a credit union and interested in finding out more about our savings scheme and work with payroll partner employers, please contact us on the email above.