Charge down the loan sharks

A group of young people have been learning new artistic skills in Portico and Thatto Heath in St Helens.   Kingsyze Graffiti and People Empowered CIC have been delivering graffiti workshops funded by the England Illegal Money Lending Team. A large graffiti mural now sits proudly in Portico Vine ARFC ensuring that the community will continue to ‘Kick Loan Sharks Out Of St Helens’.

Loan sharks may offer what appears to be a quick-fix loan but in the long term, any money borrowed will come at a very high price and may lead to violence, threats, and intimidation.

Phil Glover of People Empowered CIC added, “It has been a delight to be part of this project, we have worked with some amazing young people in two great communities around these rugby league clubs. We have been able to help these young people experience an activity that is exciting, new to them, in a safe place and with positive role models.  

Sie, the amazing artist from Kingsyze Graffiti has been inspirational, showing the children that graffiti, when done responsibly with permission is an accessible and exciting form of art.”

Tony Quigley, Head of the England Illegal Money Lending Team said: “Loan sharks are criminals who prey on vulnerable people and are a blight on our communities. They fleece their victims and have been known to use intimidation and violence to get their money.

“This is a fantastic project which will help young people and families understand the dangers of using loan sharks and encourage reporting of illegal money lending.