Partner Recognition Programme

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) offers a regular Stop Loan Sharks Recognition Programme for partners.

The programme encompasses Partner and Partner Plus+ awards for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support for the IMLT to raise awareness of the dangers of loan sharks in communities.

Partners must actively ensure that their staff are able to respond to suspected and reported illegal money lending by either signposting victims to relevant services or providing direct support. Contact us to book free loan shark awareness training.

The Recognition Programme is open to all partner organisations who meet at least five of the priority criteria outlined below. You will need to complete an application for recognition and submit this with supporting evidence.

To view our current recognised partners please click here.

Next Steps

If you would like to know more about our Partner Recognition Programme or would like to find out how to get your organisation accredited, please contact your local LIAISE Officer or get in touch with us today!

Partner Standard

▶ Complete regular IMLT training for frontline staff

▶ Have publicity available for clients and service users

▶ Have IMLT information on your intranet and website

▶ Promote your local Credit Union to staff and service users

▶ Allow IMLT to use local office space to facilitate interviews and statement taking

▶ Have a single point of contact to coordinate IMLT work

▶ Publicise IMLT campaigns via your communication channels

▶ Run regular awareness sessions for service users

▶ Promote the use of the Stop Loan Sharks Reporting App

▶ Organise and run a predefined piece of work (this should be agreed before hand)

Partner Plus+ Standard

▶ Ensure your organisation has a policy in place to recognise and support loan shark victims

▶ Refer intelligence and signpost victims to the IMLT

▶ Run a Credit Union Incentivisation Scheme for service users

▶ Have a payroll savings scheme with your local Credit Union for employees to use

▶ Run a dedicated social media campaign to raise awareness of loan sharks

▶ Incorporate the use of IMLT education packs as part of your work

▶ Host a partner charter signing to raise awareness of loan sharks

▶ Run an IMLT event for service users

▶ Run a strategic awareness project (agreed beforehand)

▶ Have a pre agreed action plan aimed at partners/members